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Rhonda Allison Lotions/Toners are not your average toner on the market. We have developed toners that make a difference and a change in the skin. We consider many of these “treatment” toners being potent and effective for specific change and support to the skin. A lotion that contains green tea and beta acid may aid skin that needs anti-bacterial support; a photo-aged skin will want additional nutrients and antioxidants that are in the Pumpkin Lotion. Not every skin needs a daily lotion, but for additional healing and specific support, it can be an important part of the home regimen.

There is a common misconception behind facial toners. This began many years ago when toners were high in harsh alcohol content and primarily designed to balance pH. Our toners have paved the way toward a healthy approach to this essential home care step.

A great toner will do what the name implies – get your skin in shape! These phenomenal lotions/toners are enriched with nutrients to deliver valuable benefits for all skin types.

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