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Introducing Thorne’s Collagen Supplements and MORE to Skinapeel!

Introducing Thorne’s Collagen Supplements and MORE to Skinapeel!

Collagen: More than a Buzzword and an ESSENTIAL for skin health!

So…WHY Collagen?
Picture this…you’re trying to get from one side of a cliff to the other by walking across ropes that are latticed together. When you carefully begin, the ropes are tightly woven together, which holds you up perfectly. Then you start to notice spots where the rope is missing and areas start to sag, pulling you downward and not allowing you to keep your balance. Are you seeing the visual? This is what is happening to your skin when you start to lose collagen, which happens at a 1-1.5% rate per year after the age of 20! Eventually the skin’s support structure (which is 70% collagen and 30% elastin) starts to cave in, leading to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin – aka. loss of elasticity.

So…WHAT can be done to prevent this and repair the damage to our precious skin?!

The combination of treatments, products, and collagen supplements is your answer! For the purpose of sticking to the point today however, I will be focusing on what and why the proper supplements taken internally are so beneficial. As well as how it’s best to consume!

What is Collagen?
Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and makes up 1/3 of our total protein. It is the support structure for our skin, giving the tissue it’s structure & resiliency. 80-90% of the collagen in the skin is type I & III, however there are several types of collagen in our bodies that have a role in the composition of our cartilage, connective tissues, bones, and blood vessels.

After the age of 20, we lose about 1-1.5% of our collagen per year, leaving it susceptible to the hallmark signs of aging – ie. lines, wrinkles, dryness, thinning & sagging by the age of about 30. The amount of damage is dependent on environmental factors, as well as diet & lifestyle!

How can we repair damaged collagen?
Collagen supplements have become a buzzword lately, but consumers beware – they are NOT all created equally. Collagen molecules alone are too large to absorb into the skin to create a change. That is why collagen peptides are needed! These skin-essential peptides are made when collagen is hydrolized – aka. predigested by enzymes – allowing them to be more easily absorbed.

Meta analyses show proof that positive, measurable changes in the skin occur within 4 weeks of starting to take a hydrolyzed collagen supplement.
Studies also show that to boost these collagen levels in skin, it is also essential to have micronutrients such as Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, and Vitamin A, which will combat oxidative stress and photodamage over time.

Why Thorne Collagen is superior for your skin and health:
I have searched long and hard for a collagen supplement that is safe, effective, and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Thorne is a company that EVERY Functional Nutritionist I have worked with and researched recommends, because they set the Gold Standard in: QUALITY, SAFETY, EFFICACY & RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT. When you are putting anything in or on your body – these are absolutely essential!!

Thorne has developed TWO collagen peptides formulations in powder-form, which easily can be added to your daily routine to optimize your collagen from the inside. They are:

1) Collagen Fit: $50 (unflavored)
Supports strength and health of skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, cellular energy production, cellular health& cellular repair, training, recovery and healthy aging. It is also NSF certified for Sports.
• 15g collagen peptides – Grass fed, hormone-free collagen – Rich in amino acids that function as the building blocks for the body’s bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and other connective tissues.
• 125mg Nicotinamide Riboside -Boosts natural production of NAD to resist the effects of aging.
• 50mg Betaine – helps maintain healthy level of homocysteine in the blood, which promotes cardiovascular and cognitive health.

2) Collagen Plus: $60.50 (peach flavored)
This supplement is great for all of the above, however is more targeted to promote hydration, glowing skin, reducing line/wrinkles and combatting the signs of aging. **It has been proven to enhance hydration & reduce dry, rough skin in 10 days, and improve skin texture in 3 weeks!

• 13g Collagen Peptides – grass fed, hormone-free collagen that contains Types 1 & 3 collagen for promoting healthy skin & enhances healthy skin and nails – visible benefits in 4 wks.
• 500mg Mitoheal – Patented polyphenol blend of red and black currants that have been clinically studied for their ability to support beauty from within & reduce visible signs of skin aging.
• 20mg HydroPeach – Derived from Japanese peaches that supply ceramides – lipid molecules that help maintain the water balance of the skin.
• 125mg Nicotinamide Riboside – Direct precursor to NAD+ which is the cornerstone for maintaining optimal cellular repair and preventing the visible signs of aging.


Kimberly’s Glowing-Skin Chia Seed Pudding:
2 TBSP chia seeds
1 scoop Thorne’s Collagen powder – ‘Fit’ (unflavored) or ‘Plus’ (flavored)
½ cup milk alternative plus 1-2 TBSP to thin out if too thick.

Optional add-ins: splash vanilla extract, 1 TSP or more of cacao power, sprinkle of cinnamon.

Directions: Mix together ingredients in a bowl and add-in any additional ingredients you would like for added flavor. Leave in refrigerator overnight or at least for 1-2 hours to thicken. I like to add granola and more cinnamon to enjoy in every bite!

Kimberly’s Glowing-Skin Smoothie:
1 cup Plant-based milk
1-2 scoops PlantYourDay Protein powder
1 Scoop Thorne’s Collagen Fit powder (unflavored)
1 tbsp of chia seeds & flaxseed mixed
1 tbsp Cacao Powder
1 handful of gluten-free, organic oats
1 handful of spinach
1 tbsp Nut butter of choice (I use organic Almond Butter)
A handful of cauliflower florets (or chopped, frozen zucchini work too – you can’t taste it, I promise!😉)
1/4 to 1/2 a frozen banana
A pinch of cinnamon
A handful cacao nibs

Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a blender and mix until smooth. Add cacao nibs and blend for 10 more seconds. Voila!! Healthy skin (and gut!) in a jar. *Tip: For even better flavor (in my opinion) and to save yourself time in the morning, you can also add in all the ingredients to a blender jar with the exception of the ice, frozen banana and cacao nibs. Refrigerate overnight, and add in the rest of the ingredients when you’re ready to eat! This way, you’ll also have more time in the morning for other things which can be a huge bonus!

-They manufacture their own products to ensure complete supply chain transparency.
-They have developed better standards for higher-quality ingredients.
-They have two state-of-the-art, in-house laboratories that conduct four rounds of testing.
-They have upheld sustainable thinking in all aspects of their products.

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