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Skinapeel Services

Skin Rejuvenation

Your facial will include a consultation, thorough cleansing and exfoliation, extractions (as necessary), customized serums and mask, as well as a moisturizer and spf for protection. Indulge and unwind with a scalp, neck, décolleté, arm and hand massage during your treatment. You and your skin deserve it!

On-the-Go Express Facial
( 30 min $65 )

Perfect when you’re pressed for time and need a pick-me-up! Deep-cleansing and exfoliating with enzymes do wonders to brighten, nourish, and refresh dull, tired skin and get you back on-the-go!

Skinapeel Personalized Facial with Oxygen Therapy
( 60 MIN $100/75 MIN  $135)

This signature facial takes our Personalized Facial and adds a breath of life back into the skin! Medical-grade and pure Oxygen is infused into the skin using vitamins and a pressurized spray to enhance results. Renew and revitalize your skin by helping to reduce the bad bacteria, increase circulation for even more delivery of nutrients into the skin, improve hydration levels & plumpness, and more!

Facial Enhancements
( Add ons )

Biocellulose Collagen or Eye Rejuvenation Mask $35

Vitamin & Oxygen Therapy$25

Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning $20

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment $25

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment $35

From the Neck Down Rejuvenation $50

Choose from: Neck and Decolette or Arms & Hands

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

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Give your skin a fresh start with Vitamin A + Peptides!
Progressive (Light) Peels
( 30 min $115 )

Includes post-peel homecare for optimal results.

Mid-Depth to Deep Peels
( 30 min $135 )

Includes post-peel homecare AND an essential post-peel facial for optimal results.


Like shaving only better! Removes dead skin cells and vellus facial hair to immediately increase skin’s vitality and overall health and appearance.
Dermaplaning Treatment
( 30 min $85 )
Dermaplaning with Vitamin A Peel
( 30 min $135 )
Dermaplaning Facial
( 60 min $125 )

Includes Oxygen Therapy


Polish the skin and increase cellular turnover for refined pores, improved texture and tone, reduce breakouts and scarring, and even stretch marks!
Crystal Microdermabrasion Treatment
( 30 min $85 )
Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial
( 60 min $125 )

Includes Oxygen Therapy

Neck and Decollete – Additional $15

Crystal Microdermabrasions with Vitamin A Peel
( 30 Min $155 )

Nanoneedling/Microneedling Collagen Boosters

This treatment is changing the skin care industry! Triggers new collagen synthesis for smoother, firmer and younger looking skin!
All treatments include a 3-piece Post Care Kit and a Complimentary Post Care Treatment ($90+ Value)
Nanoneedling OR Microneedling
Collagen Boost Treatment
( $275 | a $365+ Value )
Collagen Boost Series
( $385 | a $435+ )

Prepped skin will increase delivery of nutrients and enhance the collagen-increasing effects of Nanoneedling or Microneedling Treatments! The addition of Microcrrent will address specific concerns under the eyes or to plump lips.

Includes: 1 Personalized Dermaplaning Facial or Peel, 1 Nanoneedling Treatment with Microcurrent, 1 Post Care Treatment, AND a 3-Piece Rhonda Allison Post Care Kit!

Microneedling Package of 3-6 Treatments
( $250 Per Treatment )

3-6 Treatments are recommended for ultimate results in collagen synthesis. Especially recommended for wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, acne scars, stretch marks and more!

Boost Your Body- Additional Areas of Concern

Neck and Decolette – $100
Lip Plump Treatment – $50
Boost Your Body – $150 – $300 per additional area
(Arms, legs, or stomach – Price depends on size of area covered)

Skinapeel Signatures

At Skinapeel Beauty you receive the utmost quality care and service unique to your needs. I have created Signature Treatments for my clients that incorporate my most requested services into one amazing facial customized just for you! Your standard facial will never be the same.

Skinapeel’s “UNPEEL” Treatment
( 30 min $65 | Series of 6 for $350 )

A glowing complexion and healthy skin is just an exfoliation treatment away. Sometimes all the skin needs is a little boost of rejuvenation, without any visible peeling. Great for anyone with acne/acne scarring, sensitive, hyperpigmentation or anyone who wants a “peel” without the downtime.


Includes: Mandelic Argenine and Oxygen Infusion for the perfect event-ready skin.

Kimberly’s skin-transforming treatment
( Combo of 3 for $130 | 4 for $150 )

Choose from 3-4 of the following treatments that are layered for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation:

  1. Dermaplaning
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Vitamin Spray + Oxygen Infusion
  4. Rejuvenating Eye or Hand Treatment
  5. Vitamin A Peptide

See immediate results in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing hydration, minimizing discoloration from sun damage and acne scars, improved texture and tone and more!

Ultimate Copper Peptide Facial
( 50 min $165 )

This transparent bio-active cellulose mask is designed to restoring elasticity & skin tone. It dramatically boosts your skin’s hydration & moisture retention, and helps to maintain the elasticity within the skin. It’s high concentration of medical grade Hyaluronic acid and Sepitonic®M3 help jump- start the cellular remodeling process.

• Reduces inflammation.
• Increases skin hydration and moisture retention.
• Soothes and protects dry and ablated skin.
• Promotes healthy skin remodeling.
• Increases firmness, elasticity, and plumpness.
• Stimulates collagen production.
• Provides free radical protection.


Includes: Oxygen Therapy + Red Light + Bioactive Cellulose Copper Peptide Mask to increase collagen, brighten, hydrate and firm!

A Vibrant Skin Facial
( 60 min $135)

This beautiful combination takes T.L.C. for the skin to the next level.

Includes: Gua Sha and an invigorating hot/cold treatment with medical-grade oxygen & crystal rollers to reduce inflammation, puffiness, & redness, tone & tighten pores. Not to mention, ensure you are one facial closer to your best, most vibrant skin!