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The Road to Year 5:

Be the Change You Want to Make
There are so many events in life that happen that we cannot control or predict. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out that question of – “why?” My road to becoming an Esthetician and small business owner have been full of questions, road blocks, and valuable lessons. Every “why” has turned into learning experience, and has challenged me to either, change, re-direct or grow as a professional and business!

When I was 20 years old, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. I ate my way through my travels with pizza, pasta, cheese and gelato…oh the gelato. I had always struggled with acne breakouts since my teenage years, but my skin got even worse during my travels! Not knowing what to do, I went to a dermatologist after graduating college to see if there was any hope for my skin. She prescribed an antibiotic and told me that my breakouts were being caused by my “changing stress levels.”

Not accepting this as a solution to my problem, I decided to research my symptoms and keep track of how my skin was affected by my daily habits. I went to an Esthetician who helped me with 2 things: 1. Getting me on the proper skin care regime for my skin, and 2. She informed me that foods such as dairy could also be contributing to my acne and flaring it up. What?! I had eaten dairy my whole life and had never heard of this before. The important lesson leaned was that the balance of using the right products externally and eating the proper foods internally are key!

From then on, skin care became my passion. I went on to work in the corporate office for a prestige skin care line, and learned that my goal was to help others feel and look their best through their skin. When I then became an Esthetician, I knew that I wanted to be an expert and resource for people with all types of skin care concerns. Having a licensed professional who is trained on the anatomy and complexity of skin is imperative to helping clients achieve proper skin health. Why try to mask the problems we have going on, when the more beneficial route, now and long term, is to find the source of the problem??

I’m beyond proud that my small business is a place that clients can come to for a personalized, solution-oriented approach to their skin care needs. The past 5 years have been an amazing journey, and I am extremely grateful to my clients for believing in me and loving their skin!

5 skin tips I’ve shared with my clients in the past 5 years:

  1. Not all skin concerns have one solution. That is why I offer personalized facials… it makes all the difference!
  2. Results don’t happen overnight. My clients that trust the process and work daily at improving their skin with my help see the best results.
  3. Ingredients in your products matter! Read the labels, and be mindful that ‘trends’ are not always what they seem.
  4. Protect your skin from the sun and heat! You will be thankful that you did.
  5. Be you. Be Beautiful. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence, authenticity and kindness.


Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the next 5 years!
XO Your Grateful Esthetician,

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