Skinapeel Services

Skin Rejuvenation

Your facial will include a consultation, thorough cleansing and exfoliation, extractions (as necessary), customized serums and mask, as well as a moisturizer and spf for protection. Indulge and unwind with a scalp, neck, décolleté, arm and hand massage during your treatment.

Want more? Any facial can be extended to 1 hour and 15 minutes of relaxation for just $25 more.  Pamper yourself and improve your frame of mind with an aromatherapy massage and a foot massage. You deserve it!

Refer a friend for $10 off any facial. 5 referrals = Free Facial!

Skinapeel Customized Facial Series

CHOOSE FROM: Antioxidant Infusion, Desert Hydration, Soothe My Skin, Dark Spots Be Gone, Firm-My-Face, Clear My Skin Anti-Acne

No two skins are alike. That is why every one of my facial treatments are customized to fit your exact concerns for best results. Not sure what is best for you? I will discuss a treatment and plan designed specifically for you to reach your goals.

50min $70
1 hr 15min

On-the-Go Express Facial

Perfect when you’re pressed for time and need a pick-me-up! Deep-cleansing and exfoliating with enzymes do wonders to brighten, nourish, and refresh dull, tired skin and get you back on-the-go!

30 min $45

Facial Enhancements (Add Ons)

Pure Oxygen Infusion


Vitamin and Oxygen Spray


Vitamin Spray + Oxygen Infusion

$25 ($35 value)

Lifting and Firming Eye Treatment


Microcurrent Lifting Eye Treatment


Microcurrent Lifting and Contouring Treatment


Advanced Skin Rejuvenation


Give your skin a fresh start with Vitamin A + Peptides!

Progressive Peels(30 min)

Includes a post-peel homecare kit for optimal results.


Mid-Depth to Deep Peels (30 min)

Includes a post-peel homecare kit for optimal results, AND an essential post-peel facial within 7-10 days.



Better than shaving! Removes dead skin cells and vellus facial hair to immediately increase skin’s vitality and overall health and appearance.

Dermaplaning Treatment (30 min)


Dermaplaning Facial (60 min)


Dermaplaning with Vitamin A Peel



This treatment is changing the skin care industry! Triggers new collagen synthesis for smoother, firmer and younger looking skin!

Microneedling Treatment

$275 ($365 Value)

Boost Your Body

Additional areas (arms, legs, stomach, cellulite, scarring, etc): $150-$300

Neck& Décolleté

Collagen Boost Microneedling Series

Increase results even more with 1 Enzymatic Facial, 1 Progressive Peel, 1 Dermaplaning Facial and 1 Collagen Boost Treatment.

($600+ Value)

Microneedling Package of 4 Treatments

4-6 Treatments are recommended for ultimate results in collagen synthesis. Especially recommended for wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, acne scars, stretch marks and more!

($1500+ Value)

Skin-Appealing Packages

Skinapeel “No Peel Please” Treatment Series

Sometimes all the skin needs is a little boost of rejuvenation, without any visible peeling. This treatment is great for anyone with acne/acne scarring, sensitive skin,  hyperpigmentation, or anyone who wants a “peel” without the downtime.

3 for $175 ($195+ Value)
6 for $340 ($390+ Value)

Skinapeel Customized Facial Treatment Series

Consistency is key to achieving optimal results. That is why I’ve designed a faster way for you to reach your goals.  Come in every 2-4 weeks, as recommended, and discover how much fun it is to look and ok and feel your best!

3 for $190 ($210+ Value)
6 for $360 ($420+Value)

Skinapeel 90-Day Skin Workout

6 Customized Treatments includes:
2 Customized Facials, 2 Progressive Peels and
2 Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning Facials – within 3-4 months

The Ultimate Package to obtain accelerated results for toning, firming, hydrating, and balancing for the healthiest skin!


$450 ($510+ Value)


“I received a facial and product recommendations from Kimberly and was very pleased with both. The facial was customized for my exact skin concerns and made my skin look immediately brighter and rejuvenated! I also love the skin care products she recommended for me.

She was very thorough when assessing my skin type and payed attention to every detail of my skin care needs. I will definitely continue to use Skinapeel Beauty services in the future.”

Jill F., Seattle, WA